Autocad Básico - 028 - Criando Layers E Aplicando Aos Objetos (Layer)


So let's learn how we create Lakers to create the law. The first thing I have to do is come here. It opened again. In our case here we are starting a new project for us to test I'm going to open a file that doesn't have any read pre-defined, because there are models available here that already come with defined layers, The right thing is always to choose if the cads what it starts with just one layer that the law 0 and silver 0. It is present in all drawings every drawing has a laser. And then you can. Create others read if you want, but the laser 0 at least will have in your project or draw the objects doing mine here, just so we can test drawing a rectangle make a circle.

Anyway, I'll distribute your objects in law in which law is these objects that I drew. Now the objects are laser because it is the only leader that exists. And it is appearing here in my list of laws that is, It is a layer that we call the ho current. Reading is the reading currently being used you can after you have. Created other layers, you can change the current reading.

And then the drawings that you make good effects in the reading that you have defined as current up here. Well, I'll get into the law creation screen, the law creation screen. It can be activated by the command la. Do not open this screen here on this screen. You have a list that at the beginning has only one layer that ale 0 I will come here. I will create a new player call it this new law of walls. And then I'll say that I woke up reading walls.

That determines the color, it will be this one and the type of line line time from Sydney will be continuous I. Want it to be read continuous I don't, want it to be dashed or dotted anything? This will be continuous and the line thickness to be read at the time of printing I want the walls to be thicker than the rest. So putting 0 with five will define these three parameters or create a new law that has a type of different line. For example, I will call it projection of the eaves and bell.

Ringer I. Want it to have another color, I want it to be? For example, green, ok, then the line type of this law and I want it to be dashed. So I even have the dashed line available. But for some reason you don't want to use it I come here in my list of available lines to see what I have here.

Look there's, only one detail when choosing the type of line. They must end with Amy with the same suffix. That is if you decide a center line, you choose a line 10.1. If you decide a line 102, you choose a line 10.2. You. Choose a center line, x 2, you choose a line 10.2.

You can each of them is a different type of line. But what changes are the spacing a center has a proportional spacing. 10.62 has a budget proportional to 10.2. And the center x 2 has a proportional spacing of the dot x 2, I will decide here for this eaves line, or will you choose a try line Canada here I have the dash, the cue of two dash x2, choose that one here, the doc 10, x 2, ok and that's. If Is changed the liberal profession line type. Thickness, thickness will be let's say, 0.20, you thinner than the wall was defined. What is more a midfielder called it center and center lines and the color of this law, and I'm going to visualize it better on the screen I'm going to ask it to be, for example, Yellow is the color yellow and the type of line I want to create a line type that is dash.

Yesterday, I don't, want it to be dashed. I want it to be a dash dot to dot. So in this list here, I'm going to decide a type of line that is dotted. Just notice the line I'm using for the eaves' projection is 10 x 2.

So the line that I'm going to decide the next center. It must also end with an x 2 also in load, and I'll. See if I have n that is a dot dash that ends with x 2, I, had, 10,621, ok. And t, a have the same proportion at 10 x 2, note hat. The spacing hers is proportional I, beg, your pardon, I didn't change that I decided I. Just loaded it.

But I hadn't decided it's chosen. Ok. It changed now and the thickness of it I want it to be even thinner I want. It to be 0.09 this here is perfect for printing. People on the screen there's, even a way you can visualize these people, but it won't make much difference to you, so I created these three laws to give an example, I'm going to close this screen, it's, ready, and I wanted if I come on the list. Now I have my servants, the lines and center leave it just the color of it.

I can click there change it for the time I want to see that. Now they are working right, with everything ready and the objects that are drawn. Are still in the law, as soon as they were originally made, that means all of them were made 20 now I'm going to play read current that I'm going to say, look I want to start drawing with the other type of line with another configuration, choose which lines and cent when I choose the objects that I make from now on will come out. Then it comes out with the characteristics of this law, the type of line, the color and the thickness, also the thickness.

If I want to visualize it on the screen just turn. On this button here, this one is a very thin line. It will not allow us to see anything different Anabel. But I got here when I make a thicker line, it will appear, for example, I will decide the wall line and I will draw that some lines notice that the line is already thicker. And this thickness is just a visual comfort. It's just for me to see that this one the line is thicker than this one.

But at the time of the toll, the actual thickness will come out I want I can turn off this thickness to see all. The same, it will only differentiate color, continuing if I want to draw now using the Holley of the liberal profession, for example, I can come to draw something lines. I can draw a circle. If I want anything the drawing will be with this line pattern here, which is the eaves' projection pattern and the objects that are already designed let's say that I regret, having placed this object, law, 0 I want to transfer layer of walls or by law of eaves protection. It is very simple. When you select object here in.

The list of laws appears the medium in which it was made select two objects that have different laws. What happens I selected one, the DVD appears, he selected two. It is empty because they are different laws, but I can use this selection of these two objects. And in this list, I can change the Linotype of both at the same time. I click now, who's ready, the two of them have gone to read the lines and center are adopting the characteristics of the 1,800 layers.

The same thing here, select these objects here. Out of command and transfer to a layer, I can transfer to Bertha only there to transfer these objects, which are several objects at once, ideally, You come to the properties, screen, click here on properties or press against 11 v, then open this screen with the properties chart of these objects. And then this line will have the law in which they are.

This can complicate the list choose, for example, I want everyone to go to proper walls. Yesterday, Jew power de walls is organized like this. The project is. Very easy, then you create layers.

You place the objects in the correct Lakers in AutoCAD.

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