Destiny 2-Xur's Exotic Weapon, Armor, And Fated Engram!! (Jan 12Th)


What's happening everybody. The real Getty is back, and it's been them. It's been a minute since I've made a video last week.

Last Tuesday, actually so it's been. Yeah, 10 days, roughly, but I'm here to make a serve video and show you what he's got its location all that jazz. And he is on earth that the winding Cove. So let's go check him out he's.

Just over here. I just got off work. So don't bother, there's a servitor I'm going to kill it really you dodged it. You dick and that's, um that's. Why I wanted to kill. It so I can get that box. He that high-value target dropped it Spend.

Oh, yeah. You just come up here. You can come up this way jump on some rocks Boyd, the enemies don't, miss the rocks. And here is so this week January 12th, he has the faded Engram 497 legendary shards, the colony, which I got last week from his faded Engram, right at the colony. We outnumber you.

We will find you. You are alone and we are colony. Okay. The last part was a little off, but insecticide robot grenades. These weapons grenades are. Insecticide robots that chase targets and explode close to them. It has linear compensator high velocity, rounds served the colony and second robot, grenades quickly repopulate the magazine from reserves while the colony is unequipped composite stock.

This weapon has a versatile dual purpose, stock. This guns, fun really fun to use in the crucible doing PVP Eve is worthless. Just so you know, but in the crucible, it's a lot of fun for the hunters Shinobi bow, gauntlets, no supplies, armors. Tattered, but the refugees had asked for help, and she had given her word, tell of the six coyotes new tricks improved scrutiny, skip grenade.

And you gain an additional skip grenade charge skip grenades are actually okay. I guess I don't use them, but whatever mark 44 Stan, decides for the Titan seriously. Watch out. Pardon me coming through grandson over shield when sprinting at full health with seismic strike, hammer strike or shield, bash equipped hits with these abilities, recharge a portion of your. Melee energy, the shield you get a look an increase, though you get an over shield when sprinting when you have a shoulder charge and all that it's that extra - melee that you do to destroy enemies and, um, I don't know what the percentage of recharge portion of your mailing energy is, but it might be.

Alright. Fear. The Warlock, the stag only bones for your feast only death for my victory dearly departed, grants rift energy. When you are critically wounded on your death creates a brief healing rift on.

Your corpse, critically wounded means when you lose your shield, and it's going did to do with the blinking red and everything, so I, don't know how much the percentage of rift energy it is, but on your death creates an additional rift where you died. And then you have the three of coins, well, that's it for zero guys. Thanks for watching and I'll.

See you all soon you all stay getting rich in peace.

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