Eso Mundus Stones Guide - Effects, Locations And How To Choose


What is up YouTube dots gaming here. And today, I'm going to be updating my funds stone, guide I will be covering what Munro stones are really fast for new players, who do not know what buffs that the different Munro stones give now that they have been updated for the horns of the reach patch, and which one you should now be choosing for your build. There is much more variety this patch than there was previously. So to start off with the basics Munro stones are simply denoted by this symbol on the. Map and these stones will just grant you a permanent buff when you walk up to them and use them for those of you who played Skyrim. This is basically just like a standing stone. But the ESO version there are 13, total different Funds, stone buffs in the game.

But you could only have one Funds stone buff at a time like I said, going to am under stone and using it will grant you that permanent buff. But if you go to a different stone that new stones, buff will replace the old one. The only way to have. More than one funds buff at a time is by wearing at least 5 pieces of the twice born star set, which will allow you to have two Funds stone buffs at the same time. But now that we've covered the basics let's move into the different Munro stones that you can get with the first one being the lady, which increases your physical and spell resistance. Now this can be found in either Oregon Glen Umbra or stone falls. The next one we have is the lover, which now increases your spell penetration.

This could. Also be found in Oregon Glen Umbra or stone falls. The next one we have is the Lord witching, which will increase your max health found in got would storm Haven or DeShawn. The mage increases your max Magic, which can also be found in Gujrat would storm Haven or DeShawn.

We also have the tower, which increases your Mac stamina, which can also be found. In broad words, storm Haven tundra Shawn. We have the Approach, which increases your magic of recovery, which could be found in green shade Riven spire or. Shadow fen, we have the serpent, which increases your stamina recovery, which is can also be found in green shade Riven, spire or shadow fen. We have the shadow which increases your critical strike. Dan can be found also in green shade ribbons fire or shadow fiend.

The next one is the ritual, which increases your healing effectiveness. And this can be found in another malleable tour, the al-Khalil desert or East March. We also have the thief which increases your CRT chance also malleable Terrell here desert. Or East March, and then we have the warrior, which increases your weapon damage can also be found in Mali belt, or all there desert or East March. The second to last one is The Apprentice what to increase your spell damage. And this can be found in reapers, March bank or I or the rift. And then the final Monday Stone is the steed, which will increase your run speed and health recovery.

And this can be found in either reapers march bank or I or the rift now that you know what all the Funds stones are let's. Move into talking about, which ones are actually worth using. So as you can see on the screen, these are the ones you're going to want to select for each role as the London soon you're going to be choosing matters based on your role in not on your class. So I'm going to talk about it from a Eve perspective for every role and then go to a PVP perspective for every role.

So for stamina I believe, this is the order they rank in for Eve and warrior is number one lovers. Number two thief is number three. And tower is number four now, I believe that the thief will overtake the lover, if you are already at penetration cap, obviously, then at that point, lower becomes useless and thief would be at the number two spot. But I believe warrior is still going to be the best in most situations now in terms of PVP, you pretty much need to decide your Funds here based on what you need. If you really feel like you require more penetration and go lover.

If you feel like your CRT chance is too low go thief. If you feel. Like you require some more resources, go tower. If you require more recovery, go serpent. If you just want to get the most damage per second out of your character, either the rest of your stat sheet is fine, or you just want to optimize your damage. Then Warriors going to be the way to go.

So for PVP it's kind of more based on what you require, but I would still pull from this list of five shadow is no longer worth using I, believe warrior, cries now actually hit harder than shadow cries, which is a little. Ridiculous to in my eyes, but shadow is no longer even on our selection, you're going to want to choose from these five and the same logic applies to magic DPS, except for obviously, and we have the apprentice instead of the warrior and the answer knock instead of the serpent. So if the exact same, if you're a penetration cap for Eve you're, not going to want to use a lever at all no matter. What apprentice is going to be number one for Eve like I said, lovers and then over to spot if you're not a pen cap, if. You are then thief's going to be in the number two spot thief is going to be number three and majors going to be number four for PVP again, you're going to want to decide based on what you need, whether it is the apprentice, because you want the most damage possible.

You want the mage for some more resources and some more spell damage. Again. It really depends on what your needs are or tank.

Now this patch we have the Lord I. Believe is the best mun dis stone that you can decide from what the astronaut being. Number two, if you feel like you get enough help from your gear, though, and you require some more recovery after that's going to be the way to go, but in a lot of PvP bills or not excuse me and a lot of tanking bills that I've been seeing lately.

The Lord is the recommended stone, so I would highly recommend the Lord as your number one. But if you feel like you have enough health from your gear, already and really need that extra magical recovery action, that's going to be what you want to grab now for healer. You. Have one of three choices, Approach ritual or thief Approach is going to be the most common choice because healers generally want to run high recovery. So that Approach is obviously going to feed into that, especially because it was buffed going into horns of the reach ritual can be chosen. If you want some extra healing effectiveness, but I think nowadays with how much extra not got buffed I, think it just beats it out now. And then if you really feel like you want some bigger heals and your.

Recovery is fine, you could also try running thief's, but I still I think would recommend Approach for healer. But those other two are selections that you can make. But that is it for me today. Guys. Those are my recommendations as well as what the Funds stones are and some basics behind them. If you of course, liked this video and found it helpful, I, appreciate if you left a like on the video really helps me out, and of course, guys for more content like this. And to know when I go live here on YouTube.

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