Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age How To Get Staff Of The Magi (Best Staff) Reks Rng Guide


Greetings YouTube first finger here, welcome back to Final, Fantasy, 12. And today, I'm going to be showing you how to get the stuff of the major, and also I'm going to be recommending you to get the cloud stuff as well. These two staffs are very, very powerful for your mages, because they each effect different elements, and basically you'll be able to do more damage with those elements. For example, staff of the Meiji will increase your damage when using holy ice and wind based magics. And if you combine. These as well with the flame staff and I say, so you can see I've got two of those then you'll have all the staffs you need for your black mages.

So regardless of what elements the enemy's weak to your true to be able to do massive amounts of damage using the stack the weak, you know, the appropriate staff with that elements. Now, I have done a video on how to get stuff in the major before I'm on normal walkthrough. So I'm going to be a little more brief with this bomb. But it is important to get for. The weak mo play through and I know, everybody has seen that with the play through that I made, so I did want to make this video, but also stay to the end for a little of a bonus as well.

Oh I, see then. So the staff is going to be located in old all Annie's, Road, and it's right down at the bottom here, but you'll want to come in from the two cheetah uplands entrance, because there are some nasty traps coming from the crossroads entrance down at the bottom there. And so we're going to just spend a minute. I've already done this. So I won't have to and just clear out all the enemies do about three or four laps around this place because they will respawn.

And by that point, they'll, stop respawning, and it would be safe to go ahead and create your autosave. This is where the chestier going to spawn for the stuff of the Meiji. And as well as that I'll, just do the normal stuff for these particular RNG manipulation, chests. So you'll want to have one character with no weapon or offhand equipped. And the diamond.

Dominates, in my case, clad make sure when they attack themselves, it's 40.2 damage. And also they can cast a secure spell and actually pretty much all you need to do in terms of setting up your autosave. Whenever you've made whatever changes are necessary, just make sure you pop back out at the entrance or exit to the zone that you in. And then just pop back in again to create the autosave with all those changes, and then we're going to go ahead and load and that's what's. It called healing file. I guess. Master vex, healing file, never really thought about it before to be honest.

If you don't know, I'm talking about then check out my sighting graph, video link in description, explaining everything you need to know about that Oh. So with reps, the healing sequence we're, looking for is 96, not 96, 96, 87 and 93 96, 87, 93. So hopefully it won't take long I thought, I was going to get it there. But no such loss 96, oh there we go 87 and 93.

Alright. So once you've got the healing sequence you'll want to do a soft. Reset and load your auto saver, so that will have manipulated the RNG sufficiently to have spawn in the chest. Now I just need to give you the sequence to make sure that the stack of the major is what appears in the chest as the only other small chance of doing. So. And this sequence is as follows you want to attack yourself 26 times, so we'll do that first six, seven eight, nine, ten thirteen.

Fourteen, fifteen sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen twenty-three thirty, four, twenty-five gambits off one more. Attack if you get a combo that counts as one attack, okay, twenty-six, and now we're going to cure ourselves one time, and now we're going to hit ourselves at one time, and then we're going to cure ourselves, 6 times 1 2, 3 4, five, a mom, more one more for luck. As they say, six. Alright. So now we're going to get the stuff of the major I'm that confident, so we'll race, right to the end, don't, grab any of the chests on the way, or you're messed up. You RNG for the one that you actually want there. It is perfection.

And I did say, if you wait around to the end of a bit of a bonus, so I'm going to show you how you can now get the dragon mail, which you can only do it this way if you've gone ahead and looted the stuff of the major, and you don't, reset your auto safe. And what you want to do is attack yourself twice just like that, and then cure yourself that's cure, not kill there. We go one time. And now there is an enemy of anti. So I do want to be careful, I couldn't, a better job clearing that out. But not to worry it's. Actually just over here, yeah, there were needs to suit a dragon male fantastic stuff.

And you can get as many of these items as you want, of course. So if you want to get anymore all you need to do is pop back out of the area here and then pop back in. And the autosave is reset save those items. You just collect it as well, and they can go ahead and do a hard reset to load your Rex file up that dragon male suit by the way is a pretty good piece of armor. It's got some high defense and strength values. On it though I'm not going to be using it on any of my particular characters. So I'll probably just be using it to well collecting it to sell it for a bit of Gil to be honest.

But hey, it's, a bonus hasn't said, so I hope this video helps you guys don't, forget to leave a like if it has, and please do come back soon for more final, fantasy, 12 it's, pretty much done. Now we've collecting treasures for the time being the surah beast f, there might be one or two I'll have to check after finishing this. Recording if there's anything else we need to do, but I think we're pretty much there now, and we can carry on with the main bulk of the walkthrough during the hunt and pink Alps chairs, guys, take care.

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