Fire Noodles, Honey Lemon Salmon, And Crab Cakes Mukbang Eating Show


What's up peeps. Did you get coming out eats it's time to knock some dust let's get into it what's up pigs? It's, your girl, queen, you all eat whoop, whoop, tweedy flag.

And today, you all today I have crab cakes. I have honey, lemon salmon, honey, lemon, honey, lemon. And I have fire. Noodles. I didn't put the fire sauce in on top. I didn't put the faucet, but I'm sure still.

Thank you I'm sure it's still high heck of the crab cake. I guess the crab cake there. You go I'm trying to let you all seen inside if it's crab. Cake that's the salmon so good, I'm, ready to say, my prayer and get it in I'm hungry. Oh, yeah, heavenly father, bless over this food for the nourishment of our body. So they give us health strength and knowledge and everything you have of us in Jesus name.

We pray amen man, how you all doing how you all feeling today with everybody. We hope good all right. Furthermore, we're going to have to get some water all right.

The crab cakes came with cocktail sauce. Okay. So I'm going to dip it in there a little. I ain't tasting that me. Ain't hard to put none in there, I'm ready for my water, too, yeah, especially with them.

Noodles. You nervous about the noodles. I tried to tone them down a little I'm, glad you did still boy I'm glad you didn't put that sauce in it. I did, oh man there you go they're, noodles that is already hot without the sauce.

They good, but they hot. I couldn't. Imagine it with the sauce. It had it on the pack fire sauce tomorrow. Please put what it said, , add it's.

A challenge on the little giant it's. The fire. Hot and spicy firework, noodles, and it has it's got if it's a challenge, um, I might just need to post some post them in that cocktail sauce on. Yeah, put it right there with the pack already always open because we're the halfway I own that one couldn't.

So then you got in I'm going to have to go. They look good. You got 10 hot, taste with a cocktail sauce. That's, good, it's, good with the cocktail. Okay.

Keep my fork a little on put some on my fork like he did that's with the cocktail. Same good. Well, I'm. Trying to flip it off damn this crab cake is better than the um ones got from his teeth. I got these from food liner, the name on that. Um thing you took off with the label dark side, classics, mmm, what's. It.

Good. You have time out of salmon, wood, oh, good. Okay. I got some food line, it's all different foods. It's, half of the noodles. I got them from Walmart any more by this food line and took over going on to go every single bottle around here showed it. I don't think everybody's going to miss Obama.

Yeah, Because it's just like it's been around so long, just like we missed the piglet wiggling. And I remember we used to go to community cash. Now what was community cash? A grocery store? It was before piggy wiggly.

Then you got wind Dixie, but they still got wind ditches in Florida. Yeah, yeah. They do we used to have one Dixie. They went out of business, but officers went to the still got people with you piggy wiggling, um, then we went somewhere, hmm.

It looks good and hot, but she would add that sauce kind of. Data, I like how food spicy food, but I like to enjoy it too at the same time. Yes, I don't want anything to what I'm saying, the whole time, sweating just waiting those running. Yeah, that ain't hitting on nothing right there. I definitely need some more his skin at the bottom.

Well for me towel on the salmon, you know that bottom skin, how you all doing today, how you all feeling? Um, I know, you all probably like what in the world, how many bottles of water they got because look you handed me a bottle. You just did. And I put it over here, you pulled up another bottle. Okay, I require it, and then I'm giving it to you to put over here. And I look over here, and I got a bottle over here.

It sounds like, ah, no folks, no, they love some water. We got three in this room, be honest with you all three balls, three jug awards. We didn't know how them noodles was going to turn we didn't know what was what to expect with them? Noodles, I tell you, I want no angles still holding on, even though I wouldn't have I go. And I ain't that many. People in there, except for like a holiday or something, nobody knows where their registers set up many of them it's, awkward. Every time I walk up know where register is Allah, because you give it to them basically behind the register and then walk around.

Instead of you loading it up. But then again, that might be all right with them, though them loading it up. Yeah. And then keeping the cart we just used to be in the other way I'll, tell you what that all the crowd know that be up in some angles. And I. See why now they be having some good meats what's in your brain Laura, Lynn my uncle get one of them, cheap Laura, land, pizzas, but ain't, really cheap, but he'll get a Laura land, pizza and cook him a bunch of toppings and put it on there and have his own pizza out of it know, he can cook there. We go that's, the worst to have it stuck.

I like the crab cake more than I like the salmon crab cake, perfect, yummy, very good. I will begin more of those it's got a great flavor. And with this right here, cocktail. Sauce, hey, put it is?

Put it up there with taste? What you all eating on today? Tweezers they be eating on some good stuff. I heard, yeah. And then when they tell me I'll be like, yeah, you all, I throw down I'm like what you all cool. Then I get to look at them comments, I'll, be like, oh dog. They need to mail me a plate.

Yeah, I'll be throwing down. You got some new crab cakes. I only got one. I only got one box. Look, you can have a piece of mine. No good. Okay.

Look I'll. Let you eat now I'm, offering it to him, you all see. Those yeah, I'll. See here take a piece of mine, I'm good. But when I'm over here, trying to eat it, what did he do sneak it? Why you like pushing that narrative my knowledge? I've never tried to steal, no okay.

Some of your food. We married. What does that mean? Everyone two separate stomachs? You always want to take my cornbread, though it ain't always cranberry, a roll, whatever like that mm-hmm, oh, you can see he's acting like he can't see good, oh, he can see probably got 33rd division, forget 2020.

Listen. Okay. The next time do a video you got some bread, why should she do? I want you all to look at the bread see who pieces don't, tell them , they're going to be watching it too they're. Going to be like going to give me a little she's going to give me a little triangle. Ain't going to be a whole triangle.

I'm missing. You be looking at. Yeah. The crab cake was so good, though it's, like you don't want it to end?

Are you saying, it's so good better than salmon? Yeah. I could just eat a plate of crab cakes in. The noodles and salmon is okay, but beside the crick crab cake. I can't even talk beside the crab cake it's kind of like, yeah, but maybe the salmon would taste better to me.

I had it been by itself with the noodles let's, see what you're saying whew, you all just to follow up in our. It was a big bowl like this, you all know them, big bowls that they sell. It was a big old ball.

Give me the whole thing I gave you the whole bowl, and I had a whole bowl you sure, yeah, I had a hobo, what sounded like I'm. Saying, hobo, you got a hobo. I got a hobo. I had a whole bowl of noodles whole bowl of noodles, and he had a whole bowl. And I can't eat a entire bowl. He can't eat a entire bowl you all. He can't eat a entire bowl .

What your uncle told you had a tarot that the chicken turkey breast. Yeah, I remember that turkey breast. He was like bit about five times. He said, I can't eat all of this. Furthermore, he said, pterodactyl, I believe it was funny though you all, he said that dog on turkey breasts.

Furthermore, he said, Pterodactyl breast dinosaur that was a big turkey breast. What made you want to pick that up in public? I don't know because it's big, but did you had you ended up eating it for lunch. I think he tore it up in pieces for lunch at work.

The next day I ate it little, tiny pieces made a sandwich. I bet it was a good turkey sandwich, though because you got it, seasoned, real, good, and I'll, be honest with you all right now. Oh, my goodness, oh, okay. I'll.

Listen to the game right now it's to play off football. Congratulations to the Cincinnati Bengals on making the Super Bowl, I believe it's their first Super Bowl ever reaching what she's never been to just beat. Kansas City chiefs.

I've been listening the whole time while I was doing this. I tried not so would you'll pay attention? But every time I see me go like that look at my phone and I didn't, I see now.

So he got up every time. I drove somewhere. I leaned over the drip one watching the game. You know, I don't even get mad because like some if it's my.

Team that's playing most of the time I'm looking at the almost time, too if the cowboys playing we're going somewhere with TV's, yes, we got to watch it or the Lakers playing. I got to watch you talk about them. You don't want to talk about them right now. But I do watch. I watch some basketball games in football games. My favorite player right now plays for the hornets, the mellow balls. So kind of gradually I'm always going to be a later.

But hornets is when is this is getting to my heart. It. Is because like because of the mellow, well, everybody got their own favorite player or something Kobe Bryant that's. Why I became looking for always was cool bro. I was a liker fan before Columbus I'm.

Not really using. I think not really. I was a later fan of focus.

Furthermore, I mean, I don't believe people can be fans on the age of like 10 of any sport to like really be a fan Kobe came in 96. You were 10 years old, so it's kind of around the same time to easing watching again. I mean, we ain't watching no. Games like that seven eight years I was out listened. I was fan of Lakers when nick van excel was playing same time that was 1996. Can I get to you?

My story? Go. Go. Go. Go Kobe been with Lakers since 1996, 96 and give her her her Asia. Yeah, but she's around 10, I'm around 10 give and take a little younger cake from 96 all well till now it's been all Lakers predominantly because of Kobe, and I'm starting to realize that now, because since the passing of Kobe the feeling for the Lakers ain't saying, no. More I still cheered for I'm still watching, you know, I said, for LeBron doing blah, blah, blah.

But that feeling I had with the Lakers and Kobe mm-hmm it's, the same kind of feeling I'm having now with little miller in the hornets. Okay, I get it so that's. What it is. Okay? Did you look at your smart? Watch? I just got a picture on my watch of, um.

My cousin's daughter. She got on the Mona outfit, big, um, grandma bought them you all. If you all seen our Christmas video on our q and c channel.

Our grandma. Bought the girls Mona doll, all of them out her granddaughter is a Mona doll, and it came with a Mona outfit. So my watch vibrated.

And as soon as I look down, I see Nola standing there with a Miranda outfit on like the kings is, where is it Adrian still got hurt in the pack? I think that when she's seeing kids its falling all off of them, she was like, but Kenzie was trying to accessorize it. She got a rubber band putting it on the side because she made it modern. She definitely because she told. Me she was like mama, will you sew it? And I was like I will, but you know how you keep telling I'm going to do it, but you don't have time to actually sit down and thread a needle and sew it for them.

And then they keep asking you, but Kenzie got tired of asking me and ken's got her some rubber bands. She got to wear the shirt fit now cause, you know how it's like a tank top, but it fit all wobbly. Yeah, Kenzie don't, put a rubber band in the back of that shirt, not as tight at the top. She didn't put a rubber band.

On the side now, it's tight across a little waist, Kenzie them, customize that thing to work for her. So yeah, Kenzie is very talented when it comes to buddy. She loves to do hair, you all she'd be braiding hair. She'd be braiding hair at six. So it seemed like she's taking on what I do, because you all know, I'll be braiding hair and doing the hair and all that stuff. So it seems like she's very interested in doing that.

And I asked her what you want to be when you grow up. And she told me a hair stylist. And so if that's what she wants to do, and she likes to, you know, make clothes and stuff with the baby dolls out of her socks, and I'm like can you please stop cutting your socks off? You can handle socks to wear to school. She'd be designing clothes with socks and deer clothes.

They had she had baby doll clothes and that's. The thing her grandma bought remember, she bought them bags of baby doll clothes off Amazon, because ken said call now and see if they don't send my package, my Amazon package, my. Amazon package and then, so she let us know that she had package, we got it. So they got all these high-heeled shoes and stuff and Kenzie's still designing them herself. So that could definitely be something.

Yeah, if she keeps doing it, something good for her all right, you all, we know you all up. We hope you all enjoyed us. You know what time it is its time to like share. They're about to come through the flow up down it's time to like share and subscribe hit that notification better be notified. When we upload.

Our newest videos, our January birthdays are going to be on the q and t, channel peace out. Thanks for watching.

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