How To Get Hardcore Game Mode In Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Welcome back everyone. My name is echo, and I hope you're having a great day, today's, Minecraft, video, we're back on Minecraft pocket edition, the bedrock version because I've got something that I think you will enjoy today. I bring you hardcore game mode, but for Minecraft pocket edition, the bedrock version there is just something about having one life and one life only in Minecraft that the community is fully enjoying going back to 2020.

Yeah, that year everyone was enjoying hardcore. And in 2021 it's. Still incredibly popular now as I'm making this video by default, the bedrock version doesn't have this game mode along with like 200 other features. But I want to give a massive shout-out to Jesse 101.

He created this there'll be a link down below to his YouTube channel. And also a link to a download this guy's, a good guy. You know why? Because the download link for this it's, not an gadfly link, it's, not a link, verse link. You don't gotta jump through flaming hoops to get the download it's, incredibly. Simple now if you're just here for the download feel free to check it out in the description, but I highly recommend watching this video. So you fully understand how this works.

This will work for iOS, android windows, 10 Xbox. And if there's any way to get on switch and PlayStation 4 those versions as well, I think it's realms, friendly, it is definitely multiplayer friendly. So you can do this with your friends. So there's, one download it's, just this one inside here. It features, two different files.

It's got the behaviors pack inside here and also the resource pack as well. Furthermore, it will install both of them back to back without any problems. Okay that being said, let me go through the basic details that you need to know, you're just to create a world. Now I'm just going to call mine hardcore world, um for this I'm going to put in creative for the sake of this tutorial, but we will switch it to survival as well difficulty.

He mentioned that you don't need to change it to hard because by default this. Will change it to hard mode. But if you just want to be extra, I don't know, safe put it to hard mode.

Um, I believe in hardcore mode, you don't get a starting map or a bonus chest. So they are disabled seed perfect seed for today's. Video, um, show coordinates I'm going to have that on I don't know if you need to have experimental on, but we're going to put them on, and I'm going to turn on education edition, because he mentioned turning education edition on. Once you've done that go to behaviors packs you'll. Have this hardcore mode ultimate BP, which is the behaviors pack, and it explains a couple of details about this created by jessa101 again, full shout out to him his channel is down below. Once you enable this, the resource pack will automatically enable on itself that being said, we're now, good to go the game and to check this out, so I'm, not going to lie. We got a pretty good seed.

We start inside a plain. Furthermore, we have a friendly pig. Furthermore, we have dark oak. Furthermore, we have a village over there, and we've got more well.

We've got a desert over here. Yeah, pretty good seed. So if you want to uh use this seed you're going to have to type in the seed because something else that's missing from this version is forward, slash seed as well. So first thing you will notice is my hearts are now hardcore as for my hunger being cookies and my RGB XP and my portal, hotpot that's, a separate add-on I'll, try and leave it down below if I can remember, but I've showed you guys that multiple times, so there are a couple of things that you.

Want to do when you start this, if you have any problems at all, you want to type in forward, slash function hm, which is hardcore mode, dash help. This will teach you the very basics behind this. It says, if you die, you can use the forward, slash command function, hm respawn to resurrect and live. Again, also, if you enable education in the world settings, then spectator players, then spectators, players who die can fly. So when you die in this it's, pretty much game over, yes, there is a command to resurrect. Yourself, but by default you're dead, once you die, it is officially game over now.

I believe there are multiple death messages, depending on how you die. But for the sake of this we're, just going to kill ourselves as a standard. Let me try and think of you know what I think I'm going to die by a cactus so let's, slowly, kill myself death by cactus. And as you guys can see, this pops up the real echo was pricked to death, the real echo died and can no longer respawn. Now when you die you're, basically in spectator. Mode, you are completely invisible. I got a feeling people could use this for trolling as well.

So it wouldn't surprise me if people find another thing to do with this. Now we by default, as soon as you die, have all of this, you have speed, two jumps, five resistance. Fire. Resistance invisibility night. Vision. You pretty much have all the abilities because you're dead, and they're just gonna going to help you.

So it simply says, you're spent. I don't even know which, yeah, it says, you're, spectating because. You're dead again in Minecraft hardcore, if you die, you're, dead you're, completely dead.

Now, if we go to my inventory we're invisible like we're, not part of this world anymore, your whole entire thing is here. It says, barrier cannot move items cannot be moved. So you can't grab or drop or move or change these at all.

It says, can't move items. Can't be moved dropped removed crafted with we also have this the extra you can't move these, but you can use these. So you've got the extra.

We have feathered. We. Have milk, we have golden apple, and we have compass now starting off with the compass. This is if you are playing with friends. So maybe you're doing like a challenge. I don't know what you guys could think of possibly you're doing who can survive the longest if you're dead, you can spectate your friends.

Possibly you guys can come up with the game mode. If you do certain things or your friend does certain things they're able to resurrect you that could be something that you guys could do. So if I had someone. In here, this would teleport to the closest player perfect this. When activated is to disable all the effects right? No, that's, that's, that's, that's, a lie sorry, the milk, disables, all the effects that you had on and the carrot brings them all back. So with this, you will see the effects of disabled apart from resistance and visibility and weakness.

And if you have this, they all come back now while holding this you don't, even you don't even have to do anything like you're, not going to die again by. The way you don't even have to drink it or eat it, you just literally hover over it. And the effects come back as you guys can see effects enabled. And I kind of like having this on, so I'm going to go all the way this way so feather, lets you fly, so it's kind of a good way for you to spectate your friends. Now you can fly with the extra and once you're flying with the extra. You will take damage. I believe it says, and that is because this is like an experimental feature.

Uh, let's, go up. A second. Hold. On come on. So you can fly, but you might take damage like sound damage.

And that is because the way this acts uh is like the anti-cheat is kind of trying to kill you. I believe that's, probably the best way to explain it, but just being able to spectate your friends is easy. Now you guys can like can't, you just break blocks echo. Well, the answer to that is no, you can't break blocks it. By default, puts you into adventure mode.

You can't break blocks at all. If I do forward, slash game mode survival, I think. We're back if we do forward, slash game mode, creative, I'm in creative, dude, like I'm, trying to access these commands, and it doesn't. Let me okay. So forward, slash game mode. I'll just type it out creative.

It doesn't work forward, slash game mode. Survival. It doesn't work. You are dead and there's. Nothing you can do.

But there is a way to resurrect yourself. And like I said, that's all done with the functions now going back to uh this. We do forward slash function. And we do space. You've got the details.

There, you've got carrot compass extra, feather, help main milk and respawn and also specs as well. So what I want to do is just put my sounds in, and I want to do hm dash respawn. And lo and behold, the real echo resurrected from the grave. Now once you're resurrected it's, like you've been given a bonus life, and you're going to be like what's the point of this well, realistically for me, I feel like there shouldn't be a resurrection. I feel like the only time there should be a resurrection is if you're. Doing this with your friends, and they complete a certain task what's.

The hardest thing to obtain probably a god apple, if your friend is able to obtain a god apple, then I feel like maybe an extra bonus life should be applied. If you're doing this in solo, I feel like there should be no resurrection option. So if I had some feedback for the creator, it would be to have two different versions.

One being a solo version and one being a multiplayer version in solo once you're, dead, you're, dead that's, how. Hardcore works now by default, like, if we go to settings the game modes on hard anyway, so that's not too much of a problem anyway. But what I want to do here is I'm going to kill myself again, we're dead again.

Now what I want to do is forward, slash give pay diamond let's do 64. I can't even give myself 64. I can't even give myself any items at all.

Now, if you have two people in here and let's say, your friend forward, slash give at p, let's do uh log. And we do five let's say, your friend just broke a. Tree right and you're standing here. Now if you're standing here and your friend's standing there, it will teleport you away. So your friend can pick it up. So you literally cannot do anything if you're dead.

You are dead and that's. Why I like it. So he did a perfect job with this.

I can't pick up the diamonds at all they're. Just there I can't. I can't do anything I can fly. I can use the extra to fly as well, although we're not having any sound effects with this one. So I don't know, I don't. Know I feel like the feather is the best one. I think these are just used for getting around the map and stuff like that.

But you can't drop them. You just can't do anything with them, they're. Just there. Maybe if your friend manages to get under the god, apple you're allowed to come back so really, good job, simple add-on that offers a different experience. The last thing I want to do here is forward, slash summon with a skeleton.

I just want to show you guys the hearts. Oh, okay. They all. Yeah. So if you get. With it or something like that, you can see the hardcore hearts. Well, look blacken like death.

Let's do forward, slash give happy golden apple. Five let's, just eat this a second and another one. I guess I just want to take a little more damage from this I'm gonna another one, I won't take a little more damage from this. Oh, boy. Okay. Okay. So uh effect, like the wither is something that you want to completely avoid.

And what happens let's, see what happens when we die by this guy, I'm dead again and. And that would be my hardcore adventure over so real good job with the add-on super cool. This is the dude who made the uh, uh, advancements for the bear rock version.

Also, just to show you guys that like we can't interact with these. They can't interact with me, I'm, basically, nothing to them, although you can somehow still move them. But I think that's just part of the bedrock mechanics check it out down below have a great day and don't kill me, don't kill me. I just want to I just want to wave to.

You guys I'll catch you all in the next video bye-bye, you.

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