I Survived 100 Days On Minecraft Digimon (Digimobs)


So I've been playing Digimon for 100 Minecraft days, which is about 2-3 hours of gameplay, yeah, I'm that dedicated to the game while grinding, I got my emperor dramatic fighter mode to level. 80 I got a few. DG, eggs. And sadly, I still don't have a puny egg. So no metal gourmet for us guys during this journey, a few of the DG ash.

So I decided to level them up to ultimate Digimon, and I'm, not going to lie that was long AF to do, but was it worth it? I hope. So, so yeah, today, guys, we're going to get those bad boys. To make a Digimon, so I'm, very excited for it. And if you guys are as well, make sure to leave a second like I'll be so dope, yeah, let's get to it here. We are back at it again for some more digit mobs. And today, guys we're not just getting one mega, but three mega ditch mods, which is so excited.

And if you guys are excited make sure to leave a section like that'll be so appreciated it. And I also notice that you guys are very excited about the multiplayer server, and I am too, so it's going to be great guys. And I hope you all are enjoying your holidays as well.

But today, yo, we have to get those nice mega Digimon. And perhaps we could try to go for gunman. DJ egg once again, I mean, I've been trying trust me, and I wasn't able to get one because it seems like finding those corrupt metal Harmon, or any of that dishwashing line corrupt Digimon are very rare. So I was able to at least get a lot of others.

DG eggs that we actually going to get eventually to make a form as well. So stay tuned for that we'll go back. To the farm later on right here that is metal, tyro nomad, guys, very awesome. Digimon's level, 46 because I had to get more levels to make sure that we can actually get it from just one level and not a few. I mean, who knows what's going to happen?

We just need to get him a level 47. So hopefully it won't take too long. I mean, the easiest thing at first was just using my bites because I got so many terabytes and all that stuff while grinding with my April drama, because now, as you guys see, it's level, 80. There we go 64.

So we're, still 46, but we got a few items. I'll take those should probably move to another place to train. I don't know why I decided to just go for the highlands. Furthermore, I mean, you know what let's keep it up with the highland for this dish one, and then we'll change biome for the other.

Two we'll, definitely go fight some virus with my boy metal gray man. So he goes much faster. Come on metal tarragon.

What are you doing? Is one shot all right? Let me push it Middletown I'm on. What are you. Doing buddy, just hit it one more time there we go still level.

46 sadly, level, 47 all right. Okay. So the first thing we need to do right now is actually we're gonna need more. Oh, no. I think we're good with the edgy floppy that we got here, hopefully we are, uh. So I think we should be able to get our next one right now.

Guys that are mashing drama, dude, oh, my god so let's go. We require one more attack. God, damn it. I don't have any offensive or anything to make it. Um. So we'll have to train him.

Another level. Sadly, but we're changing place. Now, man, this is b. So should we just train the others and wait for him?

I mean, kind of sucks that I'm doing this, but you know what we're actually going to train metal grandma right now, guys because level 48 this one won't, take as long I'm, pretty sure just need one level. So we should be good with that one so let's go that should be easy just to make sure let's get this medicine recovery, ready? But yeah.

So, yeah, this is definitely the spot for her metal gray mod and of. Course, shine gray man, guys. So she'll, be nice. It's going to be fast little hit all right. But some number one you're, always bad at fighting. Will you give the experience that we like to see?

I hope you guys can see something though I know it's very dark in here, but I really want to train and since we're fighting virus, I think it's totally fine, but black metal guarantees here. And oh, my god, dude, look at the damage. It's, insane, all right, hopefully level up from this battle.

Give me those items and level 49. All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's find out if he can actually, uh evolve he's level up buddy, please evolve. I mean, let's find out I'm. Not looking there. We go.

Oh, my god. We freaking have work. Raymond let's go. This is so sick. Man, look at this black we're grandma in the building baby because black work Raymond you're going down, and you know to let's, go let's, just freaking do it.

You got this buddy, just destroy the freak out of blackboard. Grandma, yes, that's. What I like to see man, oh, my god, this is. Such a cool fight to look at, but this should be done right now there we go. Oh man, that's going to be so sick to have a mega mod. What I'm hoping for though from megaton, it gives you his stress. And then so once you get him from, uh, obtaining it.

I don't know if we will get it. I hope. So because if this is the case that means I'm going to be able to get my improve drama into pattern mode. So now we have metal target amount that we can still try to do or rise gray man, which I guess we'll do right now. So. Let's upgrade it, too.

And yes, level 42 takes a little more healing items, but it's so easy to get those items that do it really matter. It doesn't go down down down, oh, all right that was actually kind of close right here. It's cool to find some lower levels, because I definitely get more items as I do this. Furthermore, it takes more times, but at the same time, you get more items. Furthermore, it makes it worth it. So we're level, 43, I mean, I don't think we have the requirements already if we do so then it's, a. Miracle, but I doubt it so, um, where's.

My other e.g. items, uh, there we go all right so let's actually, see if we can get Sean grime on and services, no, why don't we oh level 44, not 43 actually, so we need one more levels all right. So let's.

Go find this nice corrupt emperor drama, uh, black emperor drama. Dragon mode. Hopefully we can actually get the egg if we do, so I'll be a happy. Child, you guys gotta keep fighting right grandma. If only you could actually shoot your gun.

Ah, all right. One more hit. Please. Drop an egg, oh, oh yes, yes, sir we got the tube x.

So now we can get a pleasant black and pro drum on dragon mode. Oh, my god, this is so amazing. Sadly, we don't have the parallel drama for it. But I mean at the same time, I think we just require a normal stigma, and we can actually do it guys. This is exciting right here, what the heck and what are we getting cool stuff? Oh,, actually.

Ink snack is always good on doesn't matter. So you level 44 now you are all right now. Please tell me, you're, finally, going to.

Digivolve, right buddy, I want you to involve right now. Please do it? I ask for it and bam, we got shy grim on. Oh man, the grind is so worth it. Guys just to get those incredible. Mega dig mods man. Look at this.

Bad boy, let's, go. Yo, black blackboard. Grandma I'm, pretty sure my Shangri-La can defeat you very easy. Now. So let's do a 1v1 that really makes me happy.

Guys seriously. This is so cool to see all those incredible crazy, Digimon on our side. And can we use the riding glove 2 on him?

Can I just are they? Going to fight, oh, are they fighting? Can I fight with you? Oh, what I didn't know that what the heck? Oh my god, dude, oh my god, I didn't know you could actually do that in these mobs.

What I don't need the under pearl attack chip as well, which actually is that what we need with uh metal, paranoia, oh, my god, I re-sync the Digimon again. So let's retrieve the Tyron Oman, where, yeah, buddy, here you are so is that what you require? Because if this is it I'm actually going to be impressed, you know, what let's find. Out right now, I'm, pretty sure that's what we required right? So, yes, oh my god, matching drama on his ear, hold up hold up there. It is mashing drama. Yo, I love the model.

So god, they must. This is such a sick model. Yo, oh, my god. He is so giant too and I'm.

Pretty sure we can use the writing glove on him too. So yes, we can look at this we're actually on top of his cane. And I mean between them, I mean, like, oh, my god, we're, actually, not on any of them. It doesn't matter. Oh man, it's actually, very slow and.

I think out of form there's some Digimon that actually hatch so let's, actually, go ahead and check them out. So yes, there is, oh, my god there's, a few of them, actually the ash, oh man, looking cute. You guys, this is going to be so exciting once you all ash into an amazing Digimon and place more I'm actually scared to place a little too many DJI, excuse what if the game crashed because there's too many digit egg down on the ground. So, um, I guess chili you're going to wait a little I'm, just very happy. Guys. Right now I think you guys can tell hold up let me change that to this. Oh right, actually now that we got rice graham on I'm, actually going to do this, and I'm going to distinct it.

Because if I want to get more Digimon, I might as well just distinct it for now. So I love you Sean grandma that was good to have you, but for now you're going to stay in the bank for a little while. So now that we have all the mega dish mods that we wanted today guys. We just need to get a nice bunny egg, and I have a few.

Place of Iceland. So let's go to new ice, three, not corrupt, but we might as well fight it. So let's use our what level are you again. Here level, 57 probably going to drop some stuff.

Stutter, dope. Yeah. Nothing crazy just drop the egg. Come on that's.

All I need. And yes, we finally got the freaking pudding egg, guys, it's about time, I'm so happy that we got it because we required it. You know, you know what I'm saying. So now that we have this pleasant egg, that means we're going to be able to get megaton.

Yo, freaking. Omegamon the freaking crazy Digimon out there. But yeah, now that we have the egg guys, I'm going to be working on training in those two. So in the next episode we'll be able to get a pleasant megaton for sure so anyway, if you guys enjoyed today's episode make sure to leave a second like that, because I appreciate it, and I will see you all in the next one peace, you.

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