John Higgins' 880Th Career Century | Nirvana Turkish Masters


I'll say it, again, a lot it's going to come down to those world championship qualifying rounds isn't it where the points really are handed out more readily for players who win matches. The start of this match has been a bit of a microcosm for Higgins season, a bit of a test of patience, he's come so close to winning another title without not quite managing. It won the players' championship last season, of course, in one of the most complete performances of his career 16. So now, the red just to the right.

Of the blackened one, you'd love to be just not there. So you might plan it. I think next freeze the black up and all the surrounding areas, thirteenth forty-six. What red can he get on might be the bottom red might be available? Well, I think John is putting his hopes on that. But I'll tell you this shot would have to go in given he's moving all the other balls around the table, 54. Taking very close or over the line in the frame.

Yes, good response from Higgins to the difficulty of the opening frame when. He just could not get a foothold in it, but clearly his form over the course of this season as a whole has been very solid serious contender. How can you possibly discount Higgins having made three finals in a row between 2017 and 19.?

You could make a case for saying, he's playing at least as well. This season as he did then albeit that he's had one or two disappointing performances as well aside from those four finals he's been in. But you can't discount him. Can you eight world finals in all four of? Which is one, thank you. You do so at your peril. I mean, he wouldn't be, you know, my first choice, but he's on the shortlist for sure I think we've created the form of the players' championship win of last season.

But I doubt if he ever could because he'd never lose if he played like that again, he actually played well. He lost four frames with me in the whole tournament. I think Dylan emery's sitting this one out after taking that scrappy opener Higgins has hit back very strongly, 88, 99. You.

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