Mormon Woman Deep Beauty


When I was attending Brigham, Young, University I learned what it truly means to be a queen I was given a unique opportunity to meet the prophet President David o, McKay as I went forward. He held out his hand and held mine. And as I told him about my life and my family, he looked deeply into my eyes after we had finished. He reached for his wife's hand and said, I, would like you to meet my queen they're seated. Next to him was his wife, Emma, Rae McKay, although she did not wear a crown of sparkling. Diamonds Norway's, she seated on a throne I knew.

She was a true Queen. Her white hair was her crown and her pure eyes sparkle like jewels. Hers was a beauty that cannot be purchased. It came from years of seeking the best gifts becoming well-educated seeking knowledge by study. And also by faith, it came four years of hard work of faithfully in during trials with optimism, trust strength and courage on that day in Huntsville Utah, I was reminded of my divine identity. And I learned about what I now call. Deep beauty, the kind of beauty that shines from the inside out.

It is the kind of beauty that cannot be painted on surgically created or purchased. It is the kind of beauty that doesn't wash off when you are virtuous, chaste and morally clean your inner beauty glows in your eyes. And in your face, deep beauty, springs from virtue. It is spiritual attractiveness, young women, look into the mirror of eternity. Remember who you are seen yourself as our Heavenly Father sees you.

You are elected. You are of noble. Birth don't, compromise, your Divine inheritance. You were born to be.

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