Nutri Ninja 72Oz. 1500W Mega Kitchen System W/ Auto Iq & Prep Bowl On Qvc


Some great things to share with you, but we got something brand-new today, and you're saying, wait a minute David I've seen the nine on QVC before I've seen the nutrient in Java seen the mega kitchen system. Well, this is where all of it meets in one brand-new appliance. This is our nutria ninja, 72 ounces 1500 watt mega kitchen system with auto IQ. Many of you are loving that Auto IQ system on your coffee maker on your smaller, Nutria ninjas.

This is going to do it all for you, and I've got four great colors. For you now we're going to begin in cinnamon I also have it for you here in platinum here it is in black, and finally I have it for you in the teal, but black is the most limited out of all of these. Now, in addition, all of this you're, getting everything that you can need from your food processors, your to-go cups, your smaller chopper bowls, your dough hooks and 150 recipes uniquely designed for this machine, the Nutria ninja. Now if you're wondering how this value shapes up take a look at the left-hand. Side of your screen go out to retail to try to build this identical offer, and you're going to pay two hundred thirty-three dollars for its special sale. Price will expire end of this month.

But this is the last day this month, we'll present. It six easy payments of thirty-one, sixty-six. And then of course, you're looking at a tremendous opportunity for all of this great work in your kitchen with many times, the touch of only one button let's come down here and welcome Bob Ward and welcome back. Sir.

Nice to see you, this is a big day and a really exciting new machine that incorporates everything we love about ninja, right? You know, David I've been in this business for 40 years, I've been with ninja for over 10 years and I can say without reservation. This is the machine that makes me smile. This is probably the finest appliance that I've ever used in my life that has everything in one place.

So if you want to do your drinks for your family, just for yourself, you've got you've got the mega kitchen. System most powerful system we've ever built whether you want to do food processing, what do you want to make bread? Whether you want to do chopping?

This machine? Does it all so let's start with what we have is the base. Look at this.

This looks like a spaceship David. Look at that isn't that a beautiful machine, this houses, 1500, watts, two and a half horsepower motor that we're going to use to do all the applications that ninja does 72-ounce picture. Then we're going to do food processing then we're. Going to do chopping we're going to do ice cream, we're going to do bread making we're going to do individual nutrient extraction, all automatically with this powerful motor and the auto IQ technology. So let's start by doing what we always do with ninja, what it does so well, what it does so well, because of its stacked blade technology, remember, you don't just have four blades down on the bottom. We have blades all the way up here to the top.

So your control panel is right about here. This is automatic. Or it can be individually run if you want to just use it.

We have this power. We lose power again. There we go there. We go here with a half horsepower, and it's just seconds. Your ice has turned to snow.

And again, the secret is you have those six stacked blades 1,500 horsepower, lots of power, two and a half horsepower. And you have a whole pile of snow. You can do two entire racks of ice cubes for each freezer tray. It was one brain, I mean, whether you're doing blender drinks whether you're going to use. That as a bed for your shrimp cocktail, I mean, so many nice things you can do there. Now, what we're going to do also is get busy making a strawberry daiquiri. And what we're going to do now is we're going to make a strawberry daiquiri using fresh fruit, because we have the Nutria ninja.

We don't have to just use the mixes. We can actually use fresh fruit. Okay, we're going to pour this in here, and we're now going to use for the first time we're going to use the Nutria ninja, autocue technology. So now this. Is going to become hands-free you're, not going to have to attend this you're just going to walk away. What did I do not get the blade put on it down at the bottom it's, not going to work if I don't put the blade on I think you're supposed to use this picture when I just transfer them, yeah, because I put the blades on there, no worries? Now it makes me mad.

It's, just everything like PVA. It could be better it'll, be better. If we have a daiquiri trust me, well, alright, you sure, yeah, I'll be fine. I have. Great confidence, okay. So got to come around here now, and we're going to turn it on, and we're going to use the froze food technology.

This is automatically going to pulsate. Are we ready? Okay? Turn your power on I, got it on the right place? So now it's automatically halting it. This is the auto I screen.

Technology, it's going to toss everything up to the up it's going to let it settle back down again, and it's automatically going to create the perfect, frozen cocktail. Every single time you can be. Leaving you can go someplace else in the kitchen you could be working on the rest of your party it's working its doing the job perfectly while you're doing something else. Ninja, Auto I to 1500 watts of power, two and a half horsepower. It will automatically do this drink perfectly every single time. Now, remember our PRI is making this consistent was not auto IQ. So this is really doing the job for you so nicely, great, retro quality results and doing it in no time at all check that it even counts.

Down the amount of time that's left on the side. This only takes a minute think about everything else you can be doing while this is going on the whole cycle does everything automatically shut off when it's done and something come back to it, pour it out, and you're, finished, and it's going to be time for daiquiris. Now, this is so thick automatically.

We can't even pour it through the tube. So I'm going to pour it here, and I want you to tell me is that just about as smooth a frozen. Cocktail, you've ever had in your life. Look at that. You almost need a spoon don't you and that's all done automatically two and a half horsepower.

Fifty hundred watts of power. You turned it on how you're doing I have no good work. Oh it's, delicious, mmm, nope. Oh, it's. So thick, it's, perfect. And so smooth, no lumps, no bump, no crunchy bits of ice fresh fruit.

Instead of just the fruit mix I need to put that down that's going down a little too easily. All right now. Let's move over here and tell you.

Are getting 150 recipes inside in a book, that's included with your purchase. You do not buy this separately. It comes with the machine. So that's workshop, beautiful, one of the most requested recipes you've ever done in a ninja is this very instant ice cream. We just start with frozen fruits, right? The frozen fruit is automatically it's going to transfer the cold from the frozen fruit into whatever dairy. This is frozen mango.

This is frozen mango. This is non-dairy. This is coconut milk. So you can make. It with dairy, or you can make it without dairy, whatever you want to have and again, we're going to let this do this automatically, so we're going to come out here, we're going to turn the machine on, and we're going to use our frozen drink here. And this is automatically going to make our ice cream there. We are you guys.

You've got power now, push it. Yeah, push the motor, hi. Okay, I'm going to push the motor high down here all right. So let's, remind you what we have in terms of colors and Bob while that's.

Working because it does its job all by itself right we're going to come over here. And remind you that we have this in sediment I also have it for you in platinum, most limited in the block and I also have it for you in the teal. Now, in addition to the 72 ounce pitcher you're, also getting your food processor, the smaller chopping bowl and your three different size blending cups that also have these to go lids.

You'll also get your dough hook as well. In addition, all of that, there are 150 recipes. Included in this book with gorgeous color photos. So you've got great things that you can make in your nutria ninja.

Mega kitchen system that are going to truly transform everything that you're making in your kitchen with something so simple. Let me tell you also take a look at the left-hand side of your screen, and you'll understand what our value proposition is all about go out to retail to put together this identical offer you'll pay. Two hundred thirty-three dollars. We've got a special low sale.

Price today of only 189 ninety-eight, but we didn't stop there. We also put it on easy pay for you and that easy pay is dramatic. We've got this on six easy payments, which is our maximum. And then of course, you're getting 150 recipes included inside Bob's ice cream is done it's a good time to come over and say, hello, again.

What you got going on this is automatic notice when you're making ice cream, we can take the blades out unlike if we try to do it in a normal blender you'll make ice cream, you can't. Get down and dig all the ice cream out. Well, here we can go all the way down to the bottom. We have perfectly frozen mango.

Ice cream made with coconut milk, it's as smooth as can be taken the taste of that isn't that wonderful nice. Okay. So we've seen the ninja mega kitchen system automatically make a drink to do ice make ice cream. Now, let's take another surprise because here we have our small chopper bowl. And any of the jobs we do.

We don't need the big bowl. We don't want the big bowl with our. Chopping carrots, we're, chopping onions, or if we're let's say, we're making a sandwich in this case, we're going to make a chicken salad sandwich, actually we're making a chicken burger, or we've got our cheese inside. We've got our peppers inside and again. So all with all the spices and turn it on automatically now boys.

It makes our chicken burger. Remember coming with this machine is a hundred-fifty recipe book for each. And every recipe in this book was made for the new cylinder. So 12, 14 seconds. About 12 second off 12 seconds, and we've got perfect burgers. Look at that now form those into a patty.

Let them Park them in the fridge for a little while get them nice and firm, and then get them out to your barbecue. Those are going to be delicious. Let me tell you also we if you want the black is my most limited color, I have fewer than 800 of these to go around. So please don't, wait on that black because that's going very quickly special sale price ends at the end of this month. So the last I. Believe is it, the 30th or 31st we're going to end 31st. Okay, the last day of the month.

So 31st of March, this sell price will end forever. But today's, the only day is can be presented on the air. So this is why you want to pick this up now Bob let's, talk about some of those smaller containers and how you can do some things to go right. So, remember that with the original mega kitchen system, we had one blender size, right? So I want to remind everybody that coming with this. Now we have our 32 ounce.

Family size big, one, we have our 24 ounce, and we have our 18 ounces all come with it. They all come with their own cup. Now, the machine automatically knows and senses that this individual serve blender is on here. Now, now you have a choice of Auto IQ and ultimate altered ultra blend, and it will automatically now pulse it. So if you're doing things that are really difficult that have carrots salary anything behind it.

Automatically is going to call , 152nd, taco, a block away from it how you. Again, leave the kitchen David. If you yo new dishes, you can go get some more things, ready for your party, it's automatically going to make us perfectly blend again. The timer is down. This is a patented program that took ninja years to the knowledge that we now are bringing in the ninja kitchen, pretty neat, huh, it's, amazing and there's, never any guesswork, because the machine knows exactly how long to blend the drink. And now your smoothie is perfectly waited for it smooth.

Now. Look at this. This is. Liquefied this is nutrient extraction. And what that does be it takes it down and sets small, tiny particles that it exposes more of a farm element and grapes is that right.

It's got grapes. It's got carrots, it's, got salary it's, got Tomatoes it's got half vegetables, half fruit Wow. But what you really taste is the fruit that's delightful. We've only got a minute left Bob. So let's come over and talk about the dough blade I think for a lot of folks they don't realize that they can use. This does your. Ninja to make pizza, dough's and bread dough right and this again is automatic again.

It comes to the special blade that will not cut the dough that's. What we want to do is we will actually want to build the gluten in the dough. So we simply add in our water and over here is our dough setting right here. So all we do is we simply turn the machine on, and we turn it for dough it now knows it has go in.

There starts out slow enough to bring the ball and go together. Once the dough is formed it's. Going to start stretching the dough against this so that's, what you want to do is to develop the gluten in the dough right? We've got an amazing here comes it comes the ball coming together.

And as it does that it stretches the goal and stretches the dough and does what it takes some big pitching machines, you know, five or ten minutes to do it does in just a matter of a few seconds, incredible its, truly a blender with a Miss with a brain and that's, what makes this so incredibly different from. The others you'll find on the marketplace. This is so priced at one.

Eighty-nine. Ninety-eight, it's, also, six, easy payments on your credit card. We have the cinnamon, the Platinum, the teal and most limited now in the black okay, four three, two, four, four, Bob, don't, go away a little for one action happens later.

So be sure and stick around for that in the meantime, let's check back in with our Mary, because hey, Mary it's time to talk about summer, road trip so excited. So if you've been watching in the. Kitchen with David for a little while, you know,

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