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Humans infection disease, the interaction between humans and infectious disease is prominent in the history of our species in the Middle Ages. The bubonic plague killed one-third of the world's population wiping out villages and towns in 1918, influenza infected, one-third of the world's population, killing nearly 50 million people in the 20th century, polio paralyzed, hundreds of thousands of children every year humans contribute to the spread of and exposure to infectious diseases across the world. Through travel in deforestation.

Agricultural practices population growth and movement and disputes. This has brought us global threats, such as SARS h1n1, malaria, MERS and Ebola until recently, antibiotics were the magic bullet for bacterial infections. However, antimicrobial resistance threatens, our ability to treat an ever-increasing range of infectious diseases, the drugs to start working humans don't exist in isolation from our environment. And there really is only one health human health is. Interconnected to the health of animals and the environment in this course, we look at the current and emerging threats of infectious diseases.

And our response to them Griffith University is a leader in infection prevention and control education. Our expert educators are affiliated with international bodies, such as the World Health Organization so join us. And together we will explore how you can be better prepared for plagues, pestilence and pandemics and make a difference to global health.

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