Reducing Be Verbs One - Writing Lab Revision Module


Welcome to writing lab when teachers and writers, talk about strong word choice in your writing, what they mean is that your words should be as engaging and meaningful as possible and using strong active. Interesting verbs can boost the quality of your word choice like nothing else. Luckily, the English language, boasts a plethora of fantastic verbs. Distinguished isolate characterize, substantiate generate vindicate. Unfortunately, even with so many awesome verbs to choose from more often than not we end.

Up using the same boring verb, do you want to guess which verb shows up more often than any other in our writing conjugate, accelerate Pluralizes, be really that's. What you're going to go with that's right? B? You might be surprised because you probably don't think that you use the word be very typically in your writing. But you use the conjugations of B all the time was B.

If you look at a list of the most common words in the English language, the word B shows up as number 7, but it's by far the most. Common verb, in fact, you have to go down to the 24th, most common word in the English language to find a verb that isn't a version of B, the fact that B verbs are so common tells us two things, one it's, probably impossible to cut them entirely out of your writing, because you use them all the time and to be verbs are about as engaging and unique as the words of the and of where it's not very engaging as you're looking at examples of writing. And you notice some be verbs pay attention to how they. Affect the overall quality of the writing let's, check out an example, one key to being a successful college student is that they are good at managing their own time and are productive workers. This key is a benefit because it is helpful in guarding students from being distracted like so many other students are no sorry, were you still reading I, totally fell asleep. There just look at all those B verbs for the record, I feel like I need to pause for a moment of enunciation I'm, saying, B verbs, not. Beavers beavers are, in fact, lovely animals.

And if you should find a beaver in your essay there's, no reason why you should attempt to cut it out that would just be inhumane. But back to the example, let's see, what that would look like without all of those boring, B verbs, successful college students, manage their time, effectively and work productively this key to success guards, students from distractions that drag their classmates down. What did you notice first we went from 44 words to 23 words? Without losing any meaning that means our sentences get to the point quicker, and we can avoid putting our reader to sleep. But more importantly, look at the strong active verbs. We used in the revised version. Our sentences are more engaging now, and they actually communicate our message more effectively.

So even if we can't reasonably cut every single beaver about of our sentences, we should use strong action. Verbs whenever possible in this module, we're gonna work on learning how to limit our reliance. On B verbs. But first you need some practice identifying them let's get to work.

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