Sandwich | How To Make Sandwiches


Cheese sandwiches cut some slices of rich cheese and place them between some slices of wholemeal bread and butter like sandwiches, put them on a plate in the oven. And when the bread is toasted serve on a napkin cream, cheese sandwiches spread some thin brown bread, thickly with cream. Cheese then put any kind of jam between the slices sift with powdered sugar and serve chocolate sandwiches. One half pint cream, two bars of good chocolate grate. The chocolate whip the cream, adding a piece of vanilla 1/2.

Inch long slit the ladder and remove it when the cream is whipped firmly mix the chocolate with the cream and spread the mixture on thin slices of bread make into sandwiches. If desired sweeter add a little sugar to the cream, curry sandwiches pound together, the yolks of 8 hard-boiled eggs, a piece of butter, the size of an egg, a little salt, a teaspoon full of curry powder and a tablespoon full of fine breadcrumbs pound to a smooth paste and moisten with a little tarragon vinegar, Devin sure. Sandwiches cut some slices of new bread into squares, spread each piece with golden syrup and over this with clotted cream egg and tomato sandwiches 2 eggs, 1/4 pound, tomatoes, 1/2 ounce butter pepper and salt skin and slice the tomatoes melt.

The butter in a saucepan, add the tomatoes and pepper and salt to taste. And let them simmer for 10 minutes, mashing them. Well with a wooden spoon set the saucepan aside and allow the tomatoes to cool beat up the eggs mix them with the tomatoes and stir the. Mixture, well over the fire until it is well set then turn it out and let it get cold make into sandwiches in the usual way tomatoes on toast cut in slices one or two ripe red tomatoes after having removed the seeds, arranged a single layer in a baking tin, sprinkle with fine breadcrumbs seasoned with pepper and salt put a little of butter on each slice bake 15 minutes and serve on hot buttered toast pour the gravy from it round, the dish a few drops of lemon juice are an improvement.

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