Skyrim - Why The Atronach Stone Is The Best!


What's going on, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Michael and welcome to fudge Muppet here on fudge Muppet. We love to make Skyrim builds. And we give each of our Skyrim builds a standing stone to use. We usually have an early game standing stone that helps with leveling or some aspect of the play style that can't be accessed early on and an endgame standing stone that helps put the icing on the cake when it comes to how powerful the build is, or perhaps how they role play, for example, a warrior would. Pick the warrior stone, early on to develop their specific skills faster. And then the end of the game they would pick the Approach stone to get 50% spell absorption, which makes them much sturdier against magic alternatively. You could have a necromancy character who also uses invisibility spells.

And he or she could choose to get the shadow stone early on allowing them to mess around with invisibility before being able to properly cast. It later on they could use the ritual stone to show their. Mastery of the dark art, reanimating hordes of undead around them. So obviously there are reasons why you don't always decide to use the Approach stone. But this is generally not for statistical reasons, nor is it for every character.

Another exception to using the Approach stone that I can think of is if you're going to max out your spell absorption by doing. So in which case you won't be able to summon your Approach, if that's what your character does with that address, however, let's go through why. Statistically speaking the Approach stone is the best. Firstly, we have to realize that I'm talking about it as an endgame standing stone that makes your character more powerful.

Yes. As I mentioned. There are other stones that you can use for other reasons. But if you're going for power, the only contenders are the Approach stone and the lord stone. So a lot of this video will be me explaining why it's better than the lord stone. If you're the kind of person who thinks the steed stone is the best I.

Would recommend managing your inventory better. So you don't need to hoard loot for such long periods of time. But anyway, let's go through what the Lord stone does.

And what the Approach stone does. The lord stone gives you 25% more magic resistance and 50 more points of armor rating. It goes without saying that this can't be added to your character to exceed the pre-existing caps that have been implemented into the game.

This standing stone is pretty good. And the 50 points of armor rating is a neat.A bit small boost for all classes and 25% more magic. Resistance is quite handy, too if you're a Breton, and you choose the Lord stone you'll have a combined magic resistance of 50%, and then you'll be able to increase this to 80% by adding three points to the magic resistance perk in the alteration tree, not bad.

The Lord stone is truly a powerful stone. And this is why we used it for all of our builds years ago. But since then we have realized the true power of the Approach stone here's, what it does it. Gives your build 50 more points of Magic.

It causes magical regent to decrease by 50%. And very importantly, it gives you a 50% spell absorption. Now let me explain what spell absorption actually does unlike magic resistance spell absorption will not block a certain percentage of damage from an incoming spell. Instead, the percentage is chance based in the case of the Approach stone. This means you'll have a 50% chance of negating all incoming spell damage. Not only do you negate all the damage, but you. Also absorb the magic ax from the spell into your own pool, giving you more magic to use yourself in a moment, I'll go through why this is still a better choice for pure warriors.

But first I want to talk about the other effects of this standing stone, the 50 points of extra magic R is only useful for magic user. And the 50% decrease in magical regent is only a negative for a magic user. That said, while a 50% decrease sounds large it's, actually, highly inconsequential. When you test it out for yourself.

Your magical regeneration hardly seems that slow at all and as a magic character, you can counter it incredibly easily using enchanted gear, or by investing in the recovery perk from the restoration tree. So this drawback isn't, really a drawback at all, but let's focus more on what 50% spell absorption is going to do for your build what it means is that even though it works very differently to magic resistance. 50% spell absorption works out statistically to having the same sort of advantages 50%. Magic resistance, for example, if you're hit by 10 spells in each spell causes 10 points of damage to you that's, 100 points of total damage that you're taking with the Lord stone, you'd be taking 25% less than this. So you'd only take 75 points of damage now with the Approach stone, you take damage about 50% of the time meaning that you'd only be taking around 50 points of damage making the 50% spell absorption, much better than the 25% magic resistance and that's.

Not to mention the fact that as a. Mage you'd be able to absorb that magic or two even use it for healing spells. If you wanted to another thing to consider is that you can actually get your spell absorption to 100% unlike magic resistance, which caps out at 85 percent, also, even in your quest to increase one of the other. You can spend one perk point in the alteration tree on the astronaut perk to get 30% more spell absorption or a massive three perks on the magic resistance perk to get 30% magic resistance, which is basically the. Same thing, although really not as good for mages, yes, magic. Resistance is guaranteed, and spell absorption is chance based, so technically you could get unlucky. But over the long term, it bounces out and can work the other way too with you ending up much luckier at times, but Michael, you haven't considered the armor rating, well, in short that's, because 50 points of armor rating is quite petty. It's easiest to explain.

If we go through a mage, a warrior and a thief class, and I'll explain why the Approach. Stone is better than the lord stone for these archetypes, and obviously any mixes of the classes. So first up a mage, a mage is going to benefit the most from this stone, a mage will get fifty more points of magic. Ax will easily be able to counter the decrease in magical regent or just ignore it as it hardly does anything anyway and will get a massive 50% spell absorption, giving this build a 50% chance to negate magic damage.

And furthermore, absorb it for personal use also keep in mind that you're. Protected against dragon breath, all kinds of spells venomous attacks and various elemental damages, including certain traps. We now know that 50% spell absorption is better than 25% magic resistance.

But how about that armor rating? Well as a mage, you can get much higher armor rating through the use of flesh spells like ebony flesh. If you're wearing robes perks like mage, armor can boost the effectiveness of these spells allowing you to just cast yourself, 300 points of armor rating 50 points is only. One sixth of this, if you were to consider that the Lord stone, essentially sacrifices, what works out to act like an additional 25% magic resistance for 1/6 of potential armor rating for a typical mage.

You can see why choosing the Approach stone is far better, especially including all the other reasons I mentioned, if your mage wears actual armor, then it's, even more of a reason why the armor rating is negligible. This is because you always can just have a really high armor rating from your armor. If. Your endgame armor rating is over 500. Why would you want just 50 points extra when you can have all that spell absorption all that protection against the magic? Now, obviously not all enemies the magic uses. But so many are that you forget about forsworn and drama are very common examples.

Now, let's talk about a warrior, a warrior will not benefit from 50 extra magical points and will not suffer from less magical, regent. It simply becomes a case of 50% spell absorption versus the Lord stone. And as we. Know already 50% spell absorption is far better than 25% magical resistance. This leads us then to come to the same conclusion as we did with the mage that would wear armor. When we think about armor rating, if you're a big beefy warrior character who wears powerful armor, your armor rating can actually end up at 667, which is the cap of 567 plus 100, extra points due to perks that grant bonuses for wearing heavy armor on all body parts. In this case, 50 more points of armor, rating becomes very.

Meaningless and having the chance to negate magic damage entirely is far more appealing. Finally, a thief's character as a thief or any stealthy kind of character who is avoiding discovery, you're, not meant to be getting hit anyway. But as we already discussed the Approach stone worked out to be much better protection, regardless if you do have to fight in the open as a thief, which can be the very real, but annoying case when you encounter dragons, then the 50% spell absorption will be a lifesaver also.

In case, you run into traps as a thief, the spell absorption can help here too again. You will already have a decent armor rating as a thief anyway and can often run away from melee attackers. If you need to though it's much harder to outrun fireballs. And that is why we choose to use the action, arc, stone as the endgame standing stone for our build. The Lord stone is obviously still a great stone that we love. But we have learned to enjoy the superior benefit of the Approach stone farm or subscribe for.

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