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Hello all and welcome to our weekly series here at, where we bring the best transfers in for the coming game week with GPL legend, Abdul Raymond, aka GPL, Salah I'm standing in for jams this week, Abdul it's, great to see you again, um, how was your gaming? 15? Uh, gaming, 15 was okay. Actually I got 55 points. Um, it was kind.

I think it was overall quite a low scoring game make. Yeah. So it was a good score for me.

It went from like 20k to 21k to 15k. So a nice little small, Grenada, oh, Nice, oh, yeah, I had a decent one as well. I only I say only I scored 57, um.

And when I was, I was looking at the players, you know who scored well, didn't score. Well, um in previous weeks. I would have thought I'd be known for, maybe you know, holding rank or a small red. But for some reason I managed I had sun this week, which obviously was a really pleasant overcame.

You know, if Kane has scored a couple of points, it probably would have made much difference. But uh, yeah, really. Good, um.

And I had often who I. Know we want to have a chat about my's. I've held him for five game weeks or six game weeks he's. But, um, yeah, um. If you haven't subscribed to us yet, uh, please press the subscribe button.

The bottom right-hand corner of the screen and set the alerts you don't, miss any of our fantasy Premier League content or live streams. Right here on this channel. Also, please press the like button. If you enjoy our content so let's get into Abdul and who's, the first person on your list to bring in ahead of game week.16., um, so I've gone for uh for Davies here from uh from spurs. Um. So the reason being been obviously we all know that he got.

He got two assists last, uh last game week, um, which was probably a surprise to everyone, um. But I mean, if he's is he's seen as like kind of his heat map in his position over the last few game weeks, he is being very attacking, um. He seems to be it's on that on the side where uh the regular one plays. I mean, raglan is playing kind of wide. You know, going down, you know, Hugging the touchline, whereas Davey's kind of knowledge was coming kind of in central and that's where he got the assist for sun as well. Uh, you know, he kind of he. He drove forward centrally, you know, pass it to sun.

He was quite high up and uh. And you can see that in his, um, his attacking stats as well. He's got the highest kg from the spurs defenders. And you know, he's only 4.4 million, and he's got great fixtures coming up. Um, you know, he's got a good set of fixtures. I mean, he could. Be, you know, a good player to, you know, we've all got a little mental.

I think a lot of us got the momentum. So you know, he could be the next one. And we want to for the uh, you know, for the budget defenders. I've noticed that, um, rudder kind of makes the same sort of runs Dudley, very kind of aggressive central left-hand side. Yeah, um. It is worth.

Um, mentioning Abdul there's, been a few rumors, um on social media, the last day or so about spurs, you just want to run us through those. And what you know what they might mean, yeah. So I mean, there's a kind of reported quite widely now that the uh, you know, there's been a covered outbreak in the sparse camp and uh, although that's, that is official it's, not official on what players have been, um affected. But the rumors are, you know, Davies is one of them and sun is one of them and there are a few other ones that go, but you know, sun and Davies are the main ones. So that is something to watch out for, um it's. Probably obviously, if you.

Are looking to bring in any of those players, then you know, definitely wait until and until you know as close to deadline as possible. We've got a Friday night deadline this week. So yeah, just keep an eye on that.

Yeah, with, um, sonny had a false positive. Uh, a few weeks ago, people took him out. So it is worth monitoring because that fixture against Brighton actually Brighton have got about eight players out there. Their whole defenses out isn't it as well as that's right cross out a couple of.

Others so if that you know, if spurs players are fit, and it goes ahead, it could be a very, very good fixture for spurs indeed, okay, who is next Abdul on your list of transfers in? Um. So I've got a Phil ford in here, but really it could be any three of the uh, you know, the city midfielders who are, you know, folding, gunman and Fernando Silva who just depends on budget. But I think, um, if budget isn't an issue. Then you know, Phil ford is by far the best option he's got the best stats, uh, you know, he.

He does sometimes play. I mean, peps used him in a false nine roles. He's also used him as a left-winger and playing in both those positions, he's actually turned, uh, you know, he's got attacking returns. You know, playing in both those positions, so it's, not like playing in one position, kind of hinders his, uh, you know, GPL returns.

And I think so also an advantage with him playing a different position is because pep. I mean that kind of bodes well for his, you know, his chances of starting going forward you. Know if he can play in two different positions, so I think he, although I don't think any of the midfielders are nailed, I think he is, uh, you know, probably the most nailed, uh, um, you know of him and Indian. And then you've got banana Silva.

He's, probably, uh, you know, guaranteed more minutes than folding. But you know, his thoughts are normally needed is good. I know, he's been opening really well. But you know, often, you know, if you look at his, you know, his ex gene, a overall, um, you know, I think he is. The one to go for if budget isn't, an issue, I can't just ask you out of my own sort of, um, uh, you know, own interest. What do you think about Raheem sterling as a? You know, he's played the last few his stats are actually better than all these players in the last four games?

Do you think he could actually be an option? Um? Or do you think he's? Just, you know, he's just hit a bit of a foot. You know, a little of form, and then he'll go again.

He is obviously, you know, a lot more expensive than these. Players, yes, yeah, uh. As you said, I think that shows his price and also the fact that, um, I know, pep's, you know, been starting the last few, but I don't know, I still don't think, he's, um, he's, really secure in that position, um.

But I mean, I guess if you're kind of, you know, if you flash for cash, and you know, you want to take a risk. I mean, you know, I wouldn't discourage anybody. But for me, personally, I think he's at this stage he's, still a bit too risky. He's still. I think he can be dropped at any.

Minute, uh from pet. But as the three that I mentioned, you know, Indian, uh, folding and so uh, they probably will play if they're fit, you know, the majority of these games over the Christmas period. What do you think about? Um, a double up.

And again, I'm only asking because it's something I'm looking at. So I've already got folding in my team. But um, you know, if is son is confirmed out, it gives me a lot of budget and flexibility over the next few game weeks. Do you think a double up is viable? Yeah, I mean, I'm, looking at myself, fertile, I'm, not looking at a double up. So I definitely think that's viable. I think one, I think if you're looking at a double, I think often, um is my first choice.

And then I think honestly, um, you know, our gun dig and Brando Silva it's. It should be quite close. I think gunman has got the better stats, but Bernardo Silva is guaranteed the more game time. I think when KGB comes back, I think gunman is more at risk of getting rested than uh than Miranda.

Silva is so yeah, I think folding in uh, you know, take your pick out of silver and gunny. I think it's a great idea. If you look at their fixtures coming up very good, they've got a great run, and we know what their attack is like as well, you know, they're, the second best attacking team in the league after Liverpool superb. Thank you. And who is your uh final, pick, um ahead of game week.

16 Abdul. Yeah. So I've gone for josh king, um, as my uh pick for the forwards.

I think a lot of people will be bringing him to this week and. I've probably already bought him in last week, I think because obviously a lot of disgruntled cane owners are probably bringing them in if they're looking to upgrade in midfield, um, I think obviously with tony, uh, you know, most likely being out for the next two matches due to him catching Ovid. Furthermore, I think, uh, you know, king is a perfect replacement for him. Furthermore, I mean, if you look at his ex, he's, got he's got a 5.28 kg, which is the fifth highest amongst forwards, and he's only 5.7 million and uh, you know, He's on penalties as well. And his ex is expected assist is 3.09, which also is, you know, fifth highest amongst forwards. So I mean, you're talking about all the forwards here, and you're looking at his price. And you know, the fact is on penalties, and he's got actually perfect features coming up.

I know what ford? Uh, you know, you know what for them bad going forward. They've scored, I think 21 goals now, which you know, uh, you know, it's astounding for uh, you know for a promoted team. So I think.

King, you know, is a great value option going forward and the next eight fixtures, you know, just, um, having a look, um, a very good Brantford, Burley palace, wolves and then West Ham, a spurs at home then Newcastle away then Norwich at homes. The next eight games, very, very nice, five, um, four of those. Last six are all at home as well. You know, um, yeah.

Can I please ask you about, you know, a comparison with Dennis because I'm kind of uh battling with myself a little? I think Dennis is a little. Cheaper, he's, obviously got he's had the better output.

But looking at the stats, as you say, king, king looks a bit better. Um, are you tempted with Dennis at all or is it? Was it king all the way for you for me when I looked at the stats? Um, I realized that Dennis is over performing massively and um, I think they're probably the same price now or Dennis is like I want 0.1 million cheaper. And I think just looking at the stats, um, I think king's, um output is more sustainable. And also the fact is on.

Penalties and the fact that at a very similar price. Now I think for me has to be king, um and also there's, you know, I know, I know that, um, Dennis hasn't played for Nigeria for quite a while. Now, I think it had a bit of a fallout with the coach, but they are struggling up front. You know, and Dennis is in sensational form. I suppose there is always a risk that he gets called up, you know, um, either ahead of or even during the tournament. I suppose, um.

So yeah, just uh, something to monitor there. I think of. The two I prefer king as well, you know, I say that kind of nakedness central position on penalties better stats.

I think I like, um, king as well, superb. Okay, um. Well. Thank you very much Abdul, uh, for joining me this week, uh, make sure you do drop Abdullah follow-on Twitter at GPL Salah as you can all probably tell both ab and allay have got a bit of a call. So apologies for all the um sniffling and deep voices. Everything else coming from both of them it's a bit it's a bit unpleasant. But you know.

We've, uh, we've made the effort, and we've got the video out, um. Thank you Abdul. Uh so much. Thank you for joining me. This week jams should be back next week.

Um, I think he's moving house this week, uh. So, yeah, he's he's got a busy one this week, um, if you like what you watched, uh, please press the like button. And remember to subscribe to the channel, the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

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